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Our Story

   Art of Roasting Ultimate Coffee  

When it comes to specialty coffee Carolina Roastery was one of the first, one of the pioneers; the ones who defined specialty coffee in North Carolina; and the ones who continue to push boundaries forward. Found down a back alley you have to know where to go to get to. Carolina  Roastery has been an industry leader in direct relationships with farmers, in-house roasting, expert coffee brewing, with a best-in-category coffee experience. There's an art to roasting coffee – and a splash of science – which we've got down to a T. Every little detail matters when making that perfect Carolina's cup. It's a meticulous and precise process and a real labor of love, reflecting the hard work and passion that our farmers have put into growing each and every bean. We take the time to carefully perfect the roasting process for all the different types of beans we blend and brew. Our expert coffee roasters know exactly what temperatures and techniques to use to bring out the best in every bean – we're particularly proud of our single origin coffees, roasted daily for pure perfection. We taste and test every batch of coffee, aged from 1 hour, to 14 hours all the way through to 30 days, adapting and refining the roasting process for quality and consistency.

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