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How to Find the Right Mug for Your Lifestyle

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

The journey to finding the best mug for your coffee is a lot like finding Mr. Right. Once you discover it, you won't want any other one, and you can peacefully end your search. If you're still on the hunt, we've got you covered. Follow this guide to choosing a mug that best fits your lifestyle.

Consider Your Level of Activity

Sure, a fancy, delicate mug would be great to sip on your morning coffee in the comfort of your own home, but if you're constantly on the go, there's bound to be trouble in paradise. If you spend your mornings hastily running from place to place, you'll need a mug that can keep up - and won't spill your beloved drink. Opt for a cool travel mug that will keep your brew safe and secure while keeping you caffeinated whenever you need a jolt of energy.

Find What Makes You Happy

Chances are that you sip on coffee while you're getting ready for the day. Make sure it's a great experience all around. If you can find a mug that reminds you of something positive, you'll be more likely to start your day off on the right foot. Next time you take a fun trip somewhere, get a souvenir mug that will serve as both a unique vessel for your coffee and a constant reminder of the great time you had. You can also design your own by taking a permanent marker to a plain ceramic mug. Doodle some of your favorite quotes and then bake it in your oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes so the design sets. The end result will be a personalized mug that perfectly fits in with your style.

Factor in the Size

This one is simple, but makes a major difference when you get it right. If you're the type of person who runs on multiple cups of coffee throughout the day, you're better off with the largest mug you can find. In fact, you might even be best suited for a thermos that will let you pack in as much of your fresh batch of java as possible. On the other hand, coffee amateurs or those who just need a little nudge to get their day started can opt for a smaller mug that's not nearly as intimidating.

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