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Drinking Hot Coffee in the Summer May Actually Help Cool You Down

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

As the weather turns warmer and the bitter winds of winter become a distant memory, many of us make the switch from hot coffee to the iced variety.

While few things can beat a delicious and refreshing cold brew when the sun is shining and the heat cranks up, some researchers have suggested that drinking hot coffee when it's tropical outside could actually be more effective at keeping you cool! While this is surely fantastic news for those of us who embrace hot beverages no matter the season, you are likely wondering how that's possible! Eager to learn more? Read on!

"Drinking hot beverages when it feels like a sauna outside is actually a pretty smart idea!"

Hot Coffee Could be the Key to Staying Cool Research has shown that drinking hot beverages when it feels like a sauna outside is actually a pretty smart idea! And it's all to do with sweat. Ph.D. candidate, Anthony Bain, explained the process to New York Magazine. In basic terms, when we consume a hot drink such as a delectable cup of java, the sensors that measure temperature in our stomach are stimulated by the heat of the drink. These sensors then convince the brain to produce more sweat, which is the body's first line of defense against over-heating. Bain noted that while drinking hot coffee may temporarily make us feel warmer, the increased sweat production means we will end up feeling cooler. 

Of course, sweat only helps keep us cool when it is allowed to properly evaporate from the skin, removing excess heat. As such, you'll likely only feel a difference if you are wearing light, summer-appropriate attire. In other words, don't expect much of a difference if you are over-dressed for the warm weather! Bain also stressed that the hot drink will also have less of an impact if you are already overly hot and sweaty. This is because if you are already sweaty the excess sweat generated from the hot drink really won't do too much, and will likely just soak into your clothes or fall to the floor. In these scenarios, when the heat is simply too much, opt for an iced beverage instead!

Hot Coffee May Give You a Bigger Buzz! In addition to its cooling qualities, drinking hot coffee throughout the dog days of summer can actually help give you the caffeine buzz you have become accustomed to! The reason for this is simple - hot coffees, usually, but not necessarily always, have higher levels of caffeine than their iced cousins. This is because hot water is more effective at removing caffeine from beans.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that there are number of factors that can impact the level of caffeine in a cup of joe, including the type of bean used and the kind of roast it is. For example, not that many people know that light roast coffees boast a higher caffeine content than dark roasts.

Other Ways to Enjoy Coffee This Summer Of course, if you can't handle the thought of drinking a piping hot brew when it's sweltering out, but also hate the idea of your java filled to the brim with ice, there are others way to get a coffee fix that don't involve drinking. Let's take a look at some of the best!

1. Coffee Cake Coffee cake is a classic treat, ideal as a mid-morning snack or with afternoon tea. There are actually a number of varieties under the coffee cake banner, including espresso chocolate coffee cake! If you are less comfortable channeling your inner Martha Stewart, grab a slice at your local coffee house!

2. Coffee Ice Cream A delicious way to cool down and still enjoy the coffee notes you crave is by eating java-flavored ice cream. Of course there are many different types to choose from - mocha ice cream, coffee chocolate chip and more. Enjoy at home after a long, hot day in the office or for dessert after a summer cookout with family and friends.

3. Coffee Ice Pops Another ideal way to beat the heat this summer is by grabbing coffee ice pops! These can be made easily at home or purchased in your local supermarket. If you decide to make your own coffee ice pops you can also add a number of extra fresh fruits to keep them exciting and boost the flavor. Consider adding chocolate chips, for example, or some fresh fruit such as cherries, blueberries or raspberries. Delicious!

4. BBQ Meats This idea may sound crazy, but it's absolutely delicious. Before you grill your meats this season - burgers, sausages, steaks and the like - consider adding a special rub that infuses coffee grounds alongside the traditional herbs and spices. The coffee adds a surprisingly bold and earthy taste. You won't look back!

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